March/April 2020 from Fire & Ice YA Books


When Paisley Watts is diagnosed with terminal cancer, she soon realizes that she's going to be likely forced to miss out on the biggest experiences of her life - going to prom, getting a tattoo, having her first drink of alcohol - she vows to fit as many of those things into one summer as she can.

Along with four of her friends, Paisley struggles to convince her parents to let her go on one last trip before she's too sick to travel - across provincial lines to Partridge Island, a place where so many of the things on her bucket list will be able to be completed. However, something happens that isn't on the agenda: Paisley realizes that she is falling in love with her best friend Mitchell, and her time to let him know is quickly running out.

July/August 2020 from Fire & Ice YA Books

Nijah Rhodes has had a secret since she was eleven years old: she struggles with a condition called dermatillomania, characterized by the repeated urge to pick at her body.  Mutilating her skin in an almost compulsive way,  Nijah covers the holes and scars with layers of thick makeup, shame, and denial in hopes of hiding her face - and herself.  Nobody seems to understand the problem that she is facing, and in the small town of Princess Cove, resources for help are extremely limited.

Fast forward seven years and everything is the same except Nijah is about to graduate from high school, maintaining high grades but also her hidden life. Then, for the last semester of senior year, Finn Connolly moves to town with his rockstar looks and worldly experience.  Something about him makes Nijah want to show her true face to the world and not let her skin hold her back from experiencing all life has to offer, but she has to decide if she's brave enough to be honest with herself.

October/November 2020 from Fire & Ice YA Books

After sixteen-year-old Anaïs Delacoeur is in a car accident that kills her mother and brother, she's left with post-traumatic stress disorder, two large scars, and one bad case of insomnia. Trying to deal with the aftermath is literally keeping her up nights, and she picks up writing short stories in order to occupy her through the darkest hours. However, in preparing for a province-wide writing competition, she finds herself in a particularly bad case of writer's block, and downloads an app that's growing popularity in her advanced English class: Sonance, a record-your-own audiobook platform.


Once on Sonance, Anaïs discovers the account of Rainer Harrington - known online simply as Blues - who catches her attention with his gravelly voice and enchanting stories. Inspired by the young author's work, Anaïs sends him a private message to thank him for helping her get through the night.  To her surprise, he responds, and they begin to develop an online relationship that quickly blossoms into two strangers working together to heal their figurative, and literal, scars.

TBD from The Wild Rose Press

Morrigan Westhaver isn't convinced anything could make her forget her abusive ex-boyfriend - not even if she does travel all the way to her father's ranch in Alabama. Text messages and saved voicemails haunt her life with poisonous words and crippling self-doubt, but she just can't seem to let them go. The distance between Alabama and home in Michigan might be the thing that helps to heal her wild heart - as much as she denies it.

Much to Mo's surprise, she immediately takes to Stormy, an abused quarter horse mare, as well as Levy Rider - one of the Tin Star Ranch hands and a competitive reiner. As Mo and Levy begin to develop a relationship around Stormy's rehabilitation, a disaster hits Tin Star, and Mo and Levy are left to pick up the pieces and try to move forward with what had just become Morrigan's safe haven.







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