October/November 2020 from Fire & Ice YA Books


After sixteen-year-old Anaïs Delacoeur is in a car accident that kills her mother and brother, she's left with post-traumatic stress disorder, two large scars, and one bad case of insomnia. Trying to deal with the aftermath is literally keeping her up nights, and she picks up writing short stories in order to occupy her through the darkest hours. However, in preparing for a province-wide writing competition, she finds herself in a particularly bad case of writer's block, and downloads an app that's growing popularity in her advanced English class: Sonance, a record-your-own audiobook platform.


Once on Sonance, Anaïs discovers the account of Rainer Harrington - known online simply as Blues - who catches her attention with his gravelly voice and enchanting stories. Inspired by the young author's work, Anaïs sends him a private message to thank him for helping her get through the night.  To her surprise, he responds, and they begin to develop an online relationship that quickly blossoms into two strangers working together to heal their figurative, and literal, scars.

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