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Cover reveal: Skin

I'm so excited to share with you the beautiful cover for my next release coming from Fire and Ice YA Books!

Nora Rhodes has had a secret since she was eleven: she struggles with dermatillomania, a condition characterized by the compulsive urge to pick at her body. She covers the holes and scars with layers of thick makeup, shame, and denial in hopes of hiding her face—and herself. Her father doesn’t seem to understand the problem, and in Nora’s small town of Princess Cove, resources for help are extremely limited.

Then, the last semester of senior year, Finn Connolly moves to town from big city Vancouver. When he and Nora fall into a whirlwind relationship, everything about him makes Nora want to show her true face to the world and not let dermatillomania hold her back from life experiences. However, Nora soon uncovers Finn has secrets of his own. Will they be brave enough to be honest with one another, or will their attraction to each other remain only skin deep?

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