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Fashionably late, as usual

Hello everyone! I do apologize for the delay in this update as I'm still getting used to the addition on my blog schedule. I very nearly forgot entirely until I went to post an announcement on Wattpad this morning about two new short stories available on my profile, and then realized that it is, indeed, Friday! I hope you all had a wonderful and productive week.

This week I've been focusing on a couple of projects, including my entry for the Secrets in the Water anthology with Zimbell House Publishing (available on Submittable), a quick short horror-type story for A Murder of Storytellers that's due very, very soon and I only started yesterday afternoon, and my middle grade novel, THE STARS FROM ME TO YOU, that I'm supposed to be finishing for Camp Nanowrimo. I finished the Water anthology entry, got up to 5,000 words yesterday on the novel which was great, and hit 1,000 words for the horror-type story out of a maximum of 6,000. I'm hoping that my idea ends up being a bit on the shorter side so that I can finish writing it today!

I also have been trying to get some publicity done for my two new Wattpad projects, The Mentor Ship and The Positivity Pass. I'll be selecting more stories for a positivity pass on Sunday, while The Mentor Ship application process closes on Sunday for me to review the submissions and start making my selections for the work I'd like to see. I'm really excited to work with someone for the month of August to get their story in tip-top shape!

For those of you who are unaware, I've posted A DARKNESS OF WOLVES onto Swoon Reads and am actively seeking out people who are willing to read, vote, and comment on the story to help it gain traction on the website. Right now it's only been up for a few days and we aren't doing too bad, but I'd really like to catch the interest of the editors because publishing with MacMillan is basically my writing life goal. So if you want to help make it happen, please do visit the Swoon Reads website here.

Additionally, my poetry book WILDFLOWERS has officially been entered into the Watty's! Poetry is a new-ish adventure for me, but one I'm really enjoying. I've also found a few places to submit my poetry to for consideration for publication which is really exciting. Maybe some day I'll be able to add published poet to the list of things I've accomplished! I'm considering entering WOLVES into the Watty's as well so that I have a fiction entry, but I haven't gotten that far in my day yet. Have you entered any of your work into the contest?

That's about all I have for this week for big updates, so I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

All my love,


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