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Hurricane season

I know I've been a bit absent over the past couple of months, but as all lovely things must come to an end, so must summer. It's now undoubtedly pre-fall in Nova Scotia and I'm writing this in the midst of a category 1 hurricane that's blowing all the leaves off the trees and soaking my garden and neighborhood. It's been an interesting time, since the end of July - a new book deal got announced on my Twitter, Instagram, and Wattpad accounts for one of my YA/NA crossover projects, FOREVER SUMMER, to be published with The Wild Rose Press. I'm so pleased I was able to find a home for this special story and I look forward to sharing it with you all soon.

On top of that, today I've been trying to get little things done. A few updates on the website, a new chapter of my WIP, some marketing language for one of the books so we can get started on covers and administrative things. I've now just sat down to think about what the coming weeks are going to look like, and whether or not it's feasible for me to get back into occasional blogging to share parts of my journey with you all. I think I can. Or at least I'm going to try my hardest, because I think chronicling my journey through publishing may be helpful for others who are seeking to go through a similar path.

So, here I am with a cat sleeping next to me despite the sounds of the wind and the rain against the house, and an empty spot on my pillow where my old cat usually would be. For those of you who don't know, my oldest writing companion--Merlin--passed away the middle of August and I miss him terribly. However, I have decided to attend a writing retreat in October to start writing a new MG book about cats, and though Merlin's already played a part in one of my to-be-published projects, some other furry friends are going to be main characters in this story. I look forward to getting started on that one once I finish the other WIP I've started, SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW.

I've also started submitting my latest MG project, THE STARS FROM ME TO YOU, to publishers. I figure I might as well not sit still; how many books do you think I can have release over the next couple of years? I may have to tone it down a little bit!

You may also notice I've done a bit of rebranding away from the Alex Ashley name. I'm still picking away at leftover pieces of it, as the name still seems to be cropping up in little places I miss when I'm updating on my computer or phone.

With that, please know I haven't abandoned the blog but rather have put the twice weekly regular updates on a bit of a pause so I can ensure I am able to complete my stories and edits to the best of my ability and ensure my Wattpad/Twitter/Instagram accounts get regular updates as well. It always feels easier to post something quickly on there, whereas with a blog I need to sit and think about what I want to say a little bit longer.

The wind's really picking up now, so I'm going to save my work (always save your work, over and over and over again!) and cross my fingers the power doesn't go out so I can get some more writing done to share.

All my love,


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