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These are a few of my favorite things

Read: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

Product: FoxyBae Beach, Please Sea Salt Texturizing Spray

I thought it might be best to start off the blog with a few posts of my favorite things; books I've found to be perfect reads to reflect me as a person and also holy grail type products that I use nearly every day. It's only natural then for me to start out with one of my favorite books (and movies!) of all time, Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.

As per Goodreads (hit this jump to add this story to your TBR pile!) :

Hailsham seems like a pleasant English boarding school, far from the influences of the city. Its students are well tended and supported, trained in art and literature, and become just the sort of people the world wants them to be. But, curiously, they are taught nothing of the outside world and are allowed little contact with it.

Within the grounds of Hailsham, Kathy grows from schoolgirl to young woman, but it’s only when she and her friends Ruth and Tommy leave the safe grounds of the school (as they always knew they would) that they realize the full truth of what Hailsham is.

Never Let Me Go is a heartbreaking mystery looking at exactly what it means to be human, and how society can play a monumental effect on the way humanity itself is perceived. I love this story for so many reasons, from the dystopian type universe to the depth of the characters, and the interesting twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat and in suspense throughout reading the stunning writing.

Paired this week with FoxyBae Beach, Please Sea Salt Texturizing Spray as summer seems to have finally hit in Nova Scotia, this spray has done wonders for my hair and is most definitely a new favorite. Free from sulfates and parabens and with added biotin, in just a few days I saw a massive difference in the texture of my hair and the way it responded to the product. I've used a number of salt sprays in my time, finding them either making my hair too heavy or too sticky, but this one is a fabulous combination that can be dispensed directly on dry hair for a quick lift.

I picked up the spray at Winners / Marshall's for $12.99 CAD, and the book is available from most major retailers.

Hope you're all having a beautiful weekend wherever you are!

All my love,


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