Spring 2020 from Nevermore Press

Bellamie Brodeur never got headaches until after her twin brother Rion was hit by a truck while riding his bike one night in their suburban neighbourhood. They sneak up on her when it's time to go to sleep and last all through the night-a sickness her psychologist says is likely caused by Bellamie holding in her true feelings about Rion's accident. However, Bellamie is keeping a secret: her migraines drop her into a state of lucid dreaming, and allow her to communicate messages to Rion's spirit that has been left in somewhere called Limbo. Rion can't speak back to her but instead plays connect-the-stars, drawing pictures in the constellations to talk back to his sister.

Once Bellamie collects enough courage to ask Rion about what it feels like to be in a coma, he responds by spelling out the name of the strange girl in the corner of Bellamie's English class who has claimed to be a psychic since fourth grade. Unsure what Adley has to do with her brother but trusting her dreams, Bellamie soon finds that in order for her brother to move on, maybe she needs to as well.

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